Common Symbols for waste sorting

The Nordic countries strengthen waste sorting with a Common System of Symbols for waste bins, recycling stations and for packaging. The advantages of a common system of symbols include increased recognition, which creates better conditions for sorting the waste correctly. The fact that producers and exporters use the same label on packaging - regardless of which country they are in - also makes it easier for both them and consumers. The goal is a more sustainable society where everyone can easily sort their waste. Better conditions for sorting and recycling provide great environmental benefits. Waste management is and should be an obvious contribution to a sustainable society. The symbols can also help achieve the global goals.


A Nordic co-operation

The system was developed via collaboration between municipalities and waste companies, the recycling industry, packaging producers and retailers as well as citizens in the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

This co-operation was made possible through funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers