The Icelandic Association of Local Authorities (IALA) is working on the implementation of the pictogram system in collaboration with FENÚR (Icelandic Council on Recycling and Waste) and the National Ministry of the Environment. A system of 78 pictograms based on the Danish system was launched in Iceland in November 2020. In 2021 Iceland led a formation of common pictograms on beverage packaging with deposit and now the system has 81 pictograms and more will be added.

Icelandic municipalities, companies and institutions have seen the obvious opportunity in using a common pictogram system and already about 24 out of 69 Icelandic municipalities have started implementing it in their waste management, while many more are interested. Icelandic manufacturers have also shown interest and one recently chose to use the  EUpicto system on its products, connecting the products and packaging with the waste container they will be returned in when they have completed their function. IALA considers this a positive development and very much in the spirit of a circular economy.

About Icelandic Association of Local Authorities

The Icelandic Association of Local Authorities is the joint representative of the country′s local authorities. It represents all the 69 municipalities in Iceland. It defends their interests in dealings with the government and other parties both in Iceland and abroad. It formulates common policy on individual issues and therefore works closely with the government and the Althing. The Association runs a Municipal Board on Waste Management aiming at better waste management and a circular economy.