In Sweden, Avfall Sverige launched the systems of symbols  in 2020. Previously, there has been no common signage system for waste sorting in Sweden. Different systems and symbols in different places have made it more difficult to sort correctly. Avfall Sverige saw the benefits of a common system of symbols that, among other things, provides increased recognition, which creates better conditions for sorting the waste correctly. The fact that producers and exporters use the same label on packaging also makes it easier for both them and consumers and contributes to a sustainable society.

A project group, consisting of Swedish municipalities and the other Nordic municipal waste organizations, has developed the system. A broader reference group with additional municipalities as well as companies, industry organizations and representatives of the producers, such as FTI, TMR and El-Kretsen, have also participated in the work.

There is great interest among Sweden's municipalities to introduce the symbol system and they are introducing the system step by step at their own pace.

About Avfall Sverige

Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association with 400 members from both the public and the private waste management and recycling sectors. All of the Swedish population are represented through Avfall Sverige. Avfall Sverige represents its members in dealings with politicians, other decision makers, authorities and media, both in Sweden and internationally.