In Finland, KIVO Finland is leading the development project of a national pictogram system, which started in the spring 2021 and is still ongoing. The goal is to introduce the system in Finland by fall 2022. The development work has been fruitful with our 40 stakeholders, including 23 municipal waste companies, producer responsibility organisations and other key actors from the waste sector as well as consumer representatives.

The icon system will, in due time, also make it easier for resident to sort their waste correctly in Finland. Being able to use a common system on a national and Nordic level is an important step to right direction and responds to the wishes of our residents.

About KIVO Finland

KIVO Finland is the Finnish Municipal Waste Association representing the public waste management and 32 municipal waste organisations in Finland. 5,3 million Finnish residents are represented through KIVO. KIVO’s members produce waste management services responsibly and cost-efficiently to local residents in productive cooperation with private sector companies and producer responsibility organisations.