The original Danish pictogram system for waste sorting was designed in 2016 in a joint initiative by Cicular Denmark, Local Government Denmark (KL) and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The actual innovation and design process was done by innovation bureau Futu, now owned by Ann Thor.

Since then, the waste pictograms and user guidelines designed by Futu/Ann Thor has been the foundation for a joint cooperation between several Nordic countries, towards a harmonization of the use of pictograms in waste management in the Nordic region. EUpicto is a result of that cooperation.

Futu/Ann Thor own the moral rights to the pictograms, whereas all other rights are owned by EUpicto.

The pictogram system has become a great success – not least thanks to the good work by Futu in terms of both the overall innovation process and the design concept of the pictograms.

EUpicto is therefore happy to continuously cooperating with Futu in future development and marketing of the pictograms.

We share a common ambition that in the future, the pictograms and the user guidelines will hopefully expand to the rest of the EU or even the rest of the world – helping people to sort waste easier and better.

Visit Futus webpage and read more about the pictogram system here: https://futu.dk/portfolio-item/piktogrammer-til-affaldssortering/